Thursday, July 25, 2013

Retreat #1

Here's #1 in a series of two, from the cottage on Cape Cod where I enjoy a one-week art retreat from time to time. No TV, just me, my paints, and Public Radio. And an open window, so I can listen to the sounds of... not much at all!


  1. I love this! I wasn't able to attend the sidewalk art festival last weekend. Where can I purchase your artwork? Thank you, Terry

  2. Hi Terry, and thank you for looking! I have been in France, and not reading my blog comments, thus the delay in replying.
    I live in Acton, MA.
    Some of my work can be seen now in the following places: Acton; Provincetown, MA; Truro, MA; Newport, RI.
    If you can get to any if these towns, let me know and I'll provide details.
    Most work will come home to Acton for my two Open Studio events, in October and November.
    I'd love to have you come by for a studio visit. Be assured that all work looks much better in person than on your computer monitor!
    Thanks again for checking out my work.