Saturday, February 4, 2017

Buying the Farm

When you buy an old farm, sometimes there are surprises in the form of foundations from long-demolished barns or other structures. It's too much trouble to chop up the concrete and dispose of it, so here it sits. This foundation has been used by us over the years as a pool surround and as a vegetable garden. Lately, its sole purpose has been to support a healthy jungle of ivy and other wild greenery. On a recent snowy day, I decided to capture the scene on canvas.

Ivy & Snow, oil on canvas.


  1. Love it. Sensuous texture. Feels a bit ominous. And isn't oil a bit unusual for you?

  2. No Mary Ann — I use oil almost exclusively now. In a way I was channeling Wyeth, whose work is considered ominous by many.
    Thank you for commenting!