Saturday, October 24, 2015

The CD side

One day, when my son was four, we had to drive through a down-at-the-heels part of a nearby city. "Where ARE we??" he whined. "Well, this is the seedy (CD) side of town," I told him. "Then, let's go to the AB side right away," was his plea.

Recently, I drove members of my extended family by this sad building, one I've painted twice, on our way to Belle Isle Seafood in Winthrop, MA. When I made them slow down to fully appreciate the mood and character of the neighborhood, I knew what they were thinking — the thing a lot of people think about artists. What caught MY eye? The red building, blue door and yellow hydrant.

So, I painted it twice, because I had to, and now they are both in their forever homes. Maybe, I'll paint it one more time.

On Bennington Street
Oil on Wood
s o l d

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