Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pop-up Galleries

With a nudge from a forward-thinking businessman in town, I've been curating a rotating exhibit in a vintage house that's been rehabbed into a gorgeous building housing several small businesses and a Montessori school. Every couple of months I solicit 2D artworks from members of our Open Studio group to hang in the common areas of this building. It's been a great success, and building tenants and their clients have bought some of the works.

This weekend, 3riversarts is hosting an art & music project — AMP — in West Acton. We will have representation there as well, and the rotating exhibit will be open for viewing.

In a couple of weeks, the Open Studio group will have a booth at the Sunday Farmer's Market, a popular gathering place to buy locally produced & grown products. 3D and 2D works of art will be available to see and buy, and to offer a taste of what our October 19 & 20 Open Studio artists will be presenting. More on that event later.

Another member of our group coordinates a separate rotating exhibit in the manager's office of a nearby bank. The manager had a shelf installed specifically for this purpose, and now his customers have something interesting to look at while he's figuring out their mortgage payments.

Pop-up galleries are a great, small-scale way to bring art to a public that may not have other opportunities to see original art. Sometimes, a pop-up gallery can bring life to a temporarily vacant building while awaiting permanent tenancy.

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