Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Today's Pastel Painting

"John's Corn", 12 x 12, pastel on paper. Thanks to John for letting us drive around in the cornfield!

This painting is available. To bid, click here:

Monday, September 9, 2013

Paintings on Exhibit Now

I have a few shows currently hanging in New England.

I am Artist of the Month at the Bailey Art Gallery, 42 Spring Street, Newport, RI.

And, a selection of work is on exhibit at the Larkin Gallery in Provincetown and the Post Office Gallery, 38 Shore Road (6A) in N. Truro, MA.
Please stop in if you're enjoying a visit to any or all of these lovely seashore towns!

See also: Atir Salon, Acton, MA; the Gallery at 537 Mass. Ave., West Acton, MA

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pop-up Galleries

With a nudge from a forward-thinking businessman in town, I've been curating a rotating exhibit in a vintage house that's been rehabbed into a gorgeous building housing several small businesses and a Montessori school. Every couple of months I solicit 2D artworks from members of our Open Studio group to hang in the common areas of this building. It's been a great success, and building tenants and their clients have bought some of the works.

This weekend, 3riversarts is hosting an art & music project — AMP — in West Acton. We will have representation there as well, and the rotating exhibit will be open for viewing.

In a couple of weeks, the Open Studio group will have a booth at the Sunday Farmer's Market, a popular gathering place to buy locally produced & grown products. 3D and 2D works of art will be available to see and buy, and to offer a taste of what our October 19 & 20 Open Studio artists will be presenting. More on that event later.

Another member of our group coordinates a separate rotating exhibit in the manager's office of a nearby bank. The manager had a shelf installed specifically for this purpose, and now his customers have something interesting to look at while he's figuring out their mortgage payments.

Pop-up galleries are a great, small-scale way to bring art to a public that may not have other opportunities to see original art. Sometimes, a pop-up gallery can bring life to a temporarily vacant building while awaiting permanent tenancy.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Urban Scenes -- a series of three

This is the first in a series of 8 x 10 oils, painted from the third floor of an office building in Boston. The afternoon sun and the shadows cast on the buildings across the street were mesmerizing to me.